Where to stay in Port de Pollensa


Where to stay in Puerto Pollensa


How about a romantic and trendy, eco-friendly boutique hotel near the beach on the Bay of Pollensa?


It is Mallorca's northernmost holiday resort and like every coastal town on this tiny Spanish island, Port de Pollensa was once a fishing village. A seasonal outpost to Pollensa old town, where fishermen camped over the summer months while they worked, and sometimes brought their families along too. A temporary place. It was like that for a long time, decades... until in the late 1800's the Boquer house, which owned all the land of what is now Puerto Pollensa, ceded a small plot for the fishermen to build a church, and like every town before it, with the church came the village. 

The fishermen settled and made Port de Pollensa their home, and strangely the townspeople are still to this day part seamen, part smugglers, part adventurers. Theirs is a very particular character, far more open minded than their neighbours inland. And with this openness comes a welcoming spirit that makes staying here on holiday a delight.


A beach hotel versus a town hotel in Port de Pollensa


The conundrum on where to choose becomes more complicated with every new addition to the accommodation listings. The hotel options are vast and varied and rarely show themselves for what they are. 

The big complexes on the coast are by no means homely yet they do hold fort over the beaches, while inland, smaller hotels can provide exclusivity but are limited by their location or size.

Lucky for some, there is the boutique hotel option, which sits comfortably between the two; small and personable and near enough to the coast to make your holiday sun-kissed and feel sandy footed, while giving you the chance to step away too, back into the urban elegance of a city-styled boutique hotel.


The Mar Calma touch in Port de Pollensa


Local, modern and relaxed... with beautifully designed interiors, the height of creature comforts, ease of accessibility, a rooftop hot tub and a cocktail bar on the ground floor. There is much to say about this small and rather uncomplicated boutique hotel in Port de Pollensa, but the most interesting and enticing of all is perhaps the service. Not so much the welcome glass of cava, which is very welcoming indeed, but the friendliness. This is a very friendly place.

The people who own and run this little hotel have been at the helm since it first opened and not only know the place like no one else but take immense pride and satisfaction in it. And you can feel it as soon as you walk in through the front doors.

And then there is the eco conscious part, but more on that a bit later on...


Friendly boutique hotel service in Port de Pollensa


Where to stay in Puerto Pollensa

Rooftop jacuzzi at Mar Calma Hotel in Port de Pollensa


Given the reduced size of this boutique hotel, the service is managed by just a few people and it is all down to them; the repeat customers, the tales of happy holidays, the excellent reviews, even the extraordinary requests are always treated with care, discretion and total professionalism. Nothing sleezy, just funny things people ask for!

The joy of providing a high-end concierge service in Port de Pollensa is that the town and island offer pretty much anything you could dream of. Celebrities, film crews, royalty and grand wedding celebrations have set the bar high and drawn in a service industry that is well versed in the art of events, health and beauty, fitness, decor, adventure, travel, transport, catering and performances. So, ask what you will and Port de Pollensa is certain to have it.


An eco-friendly and sustainable hotel in Port de Pollensa


The Mediterranean has just recently been assigned the role as barometer for the world's climate, and as such will hopefully become highly monitored and possibly, protected, we hope so! It is after all our life blood, our food supply and as a tourist island, our livelihood, and keeping it healthy, clean and plastic free is imperative.

As a small hotel on its shores we are passionately involved in providing a hotel alternative that is respectful and ecologically minded. Proof of our efforts comes with the Green Leaders badge we have been awarded by TripAdvisor, of which we are supremely proud.