The Puerto Pollensa holiday FOODIE guide

Cafes, restaurants, bars and the all the best places to eat out in Puerto Pollensa


The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide



Eating out in Puerto Pollensa is a big part of feeling on holiday. You get back in from a day on the beach, shower and get dressed up for the evening. Maybe you stop at Bar Ona, our hotel bar, on the way out, and have a aperitif... or a cocktail. 

The main square of Puerto Pollensa is just round the corner, lined with restaurants and cafes. The seafront is a road away, with more choice in places to eat and drink. The line up is really quite good, but discerning which to go for can be hard, especially in the peak season, when everything is full, and you may need to book a table in advance.

Mar Calma Hotel doesn't have a restaurant. We are too small. We do serve hot breakfasts every day and have a cocktail bar for the evenings, but we decided that providing meals would be stretching our facilities too far. After all, if we were going to have a hotel restaurant we would have to make it amazing. Anything less just wouldn't do.

So, we would rather send you out to one of the eateries in town and know you will be getting a great meal.


Cycling Cafes in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa holiday guide - Restaurants

Tolo's Bar


Tolo’s restaurant has been going since the mid eighties and has become, through the passion and hard work of its founder, a point of reference to the cycling crowd in Port de Pollença. It has a big open terrace looking out over the beach, plenty of parking space for bikes, a good atmosphere and serves a wonderful paella.

In 2017 Tolo’s Grill & Restaurant joined the Vilacuisines Group, modernising its menu but keeping the defining character traits that make it Tolo’s.


Sea View Restaurants in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa Holiday Guide - Restaurants

Restaurant Stay


We often mention Stay on here. One visit and you will see why. It just gets it right on so many fronts its hard not to talk about it. Firstly, there is the place itself, or rather, the location, on the marina. So close to the water's edge you can dangle your feet in, you get the sense of being more at sea than on land. Then there is the space, a large and airy room inside looking out and a huge covered terrace warpped around two sides of the building. And there is the food, which can be light snacks served all day at really reasonable prices (given where you are) and the a la carte menu which excels itselt everytime.


Coffee Shops in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa Restaurant Guide

Ca Les Monges


This is a new spot on the seafront, opposite the marina, part bakery, part cafe. It has a great feel about it and serves some of the island's best ice cream, as well as a whole array of snacks. This is where the locals go for a mid morning coffee and the people who work on boats. It is laid back and elegant at the smae time, with cool tiled interiors and a few chairs and tables strewn outside on the pavement.


Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa Holiday Guide - Restaurants

Restaurant Bellaverde


Bellaverde is set in the stunning private garden of the Bellavista Hostel, a few rows back from the front and is one of the only places you can go for high end vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the north of the island. We couldn't fault it, in fact it gets better every time;  the garden setting, the staff's friendly professionalism and the imaginative and delicious food fuse into what cannot be called anything but an extraordinary culinary experience. 


Italian Restaurants in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa holiday guide - Cafes and Restaurants

Casa Vila


Part of the ever growing Vila group, you will find Casa Vila in the square in Puerto Pollensa, a large airy interior and outdoor terrace, a friendly service and delicious homemade Italian pasta




The Puerto Pollensa FOODIE holiday guide

Little Italy


Right on the Pine Walk and across from the beach, Little Italy has been going for years, serving excellent pizzas and pasta. It is the perfect beach lunch stop.


Mallorca Cuisine in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide

Celler La Parra


This is where you come for traditional island cuisine; fish and meat dishes, rice, paella, soups and tapas. But not only the food, but the ambience is unique and very local. The Celler was originally a wine cellar and wine shop, and has been running for over 50 years and 3 generations, now run by the original owner's grandson. It is friendly and low key, located on the main road into Port de Pollensa, with a small outdoor terrace area on the street.




The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide

Can Pantxo


Can Pantxo has been around for decades. Tucked down one of the small side streets in Port de Pollensa, it is an original, still run in the same relaxed and friendly way it always has, serving homemade local Mallorca food dishes.  


Beach Bars in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide

Embat Beach Bar


The Embat beach bar is now part of a much larger group of cafes, including the lovely Cantina on the marina pier and the bar at the local sport's centre. But this is the one we want to tell you about: on the sand, under a rickety cane roof and looking out over the bay, embat is everything you want in a summer beach bar: great snacks, chilled drinks and live music. If they haven't got a live act, then they will have a DJ, either way, there are good tunes and cocktails at sundown.


Restaurants with pools in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide

Finca 49


Located just behind the Eroski Supermarket on the main Pollensa to Port de Pollensa road, this is not where you would expect to find an amazing restaurant with a swimming pool in the garden. And Finca 49 really is a gem. The food is light, simple and delicious, and you can hang out round the pool before and after, making this a place you can spend whole days.


Cocktail Bars in Puerto Pollensa




The Puerto Pollensa foodie holiday guide

Bar Ona


This is our hotel bar. We probably shouldn't mention it... as it is right here, on the ground floor of our hotel. But the cocktails are so good we think that people not staying at the hotel may want to stop by too.