Spring Events in Mallorca

Traditions, Culture, Music and Wine on the Island - The Best Spring Events in Mallorca for 2020


Spring Events in Mallorca


What is the weather like in spring in Mallorca?


A most important question!

After all, it is the Mediterranean climate that makes Mallorca so exceptionally attractive, and let me assure you, spring in Mallorca is when you want to be here.

The first almond blossoms in late January and from that point onward Mallorca awakens into Spring, and gradually as February becomes March, temperatures start to rise, the skies clear and the sun comes out to stay.

By April the weather is perfect, possibly the best time of year on the island; warm and sunny by day, still cool at night, and marvellously calm and beautiful. If you want excitement however, check out the fairs, festivals and spring events in Mallorca and immerse yourself in a surprisingly eventful and largely undiscovered side of this enchanting island.


Spring events in Mallorca in APRIL


1st - 2nd of April: Fira d’Andratx - Spring events in Mallorca


The Andratx Fair at the start of April is everything a farmer’s fair ought to be; full of cattle, local breeds and bird species. There are championships, exhibitions, contests and trading as well as good selection of ecological Mallorcan and Spanish food products. 


2nd of April: Organ concert in Palma Cathedral - Spring events in Mallorca


Spring events in Mallorca


We think the concerts are worth mentioning here, though not limited to April only, as they are certainly enjoyable as spring events in Mallorca.  The Organ Concerts take place in the Palma Cathedral, an exquisite location in front of the Bay of Palma and a wonderful way of experiencing the city and its seafront.

On the first Tuesday of the month, every month, at 12:00 midday, the organist of the Catedral del Mar, offers a half an hour concert of small classical pieces on the organ, which has, for connoisseurs, four manual keyboards of 56 notes and a pedal of thirty notes.


5th - 7th of April: The Bover Circus - Spring events in Mallorca


Circ Bover is a variety show with the best circus acts in Mallorca. And no, there are no animals involved in the performances. Teatre Municipal Catalina Valls hosts the Circ Bover in Palma on Friday and Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 12 midday. Tickets at 10€ for adults and 6€ for children up to 16 years old. To see their full calendar of shows: Circ Bover


14th - 21st of April: Easter Week (Semana Santa) - Spring events in Mallorca


The Easter celebrations in Mallorca are grave and sombre, with processions, parades and re-enactments going on throughout Holy Week in all the towns and villages in Mallorca. 


On the 14th of April Palm Sunday begins with blessings and the triumphant arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. The streets are lined with palm leaves and processions mark the beginning of a week-long celebration.


The 18th of April is Easter Thursday, or Maundy Thursday, which sees the largest processions and colourful parades, especially in the city capital, Palma de Mallorca, but also in Felantix, Pollença and Artá.

If you want to see a traditional and religious element of this multi faceted island, be sure to see these easter spring events in Mallorca.


The 19th of April is Good Friday which commemorates the death and rebirth of Jesus and the day when most of the churches in Mallorca hold special Easter services and scenes from the bible are re-enacted and performed by local children and adults.


The 21st of April is Easter Sunday. Churches all over Mallorca hold special services.


During the following week, while local schools remain closed, a more lighthearted display of spring events and festivities take place; most towns and villages will go on pilgrimages to their shrines and hermitages, usually set on hills and mounts in beautiful locations, and celebrate by eating together with picnics and huge paellas.


27th April - 1st May: Palma Boat Show - Spring events in Mallorca


Spring events in Mallorca


The Palma International Boat Show is set in the wonderful Palma marina, at la Llonja in front of Palma’s cathedral and is the main nautical event on the Mallorca boating calendar. With multi million pound yachts on display and all sorts of exhibits and a heady pre-summer atmosphere of glitz and glamour, this is a highly professional event but all visitors are welcome. Open from 11:00 to 20:00 (23:00 on the Friday) and the entrance fee is 5€. Palma Boat Show website.


Spring events in Mallorca - Other fiestas, markets and beach parties 


There are spring events, festivals and parties going on in Mallorca throughout April:

Towns and villages across Mallorca celebrate the arrival of spring in agricultural, musical, traditional and all kinds of cultural ways, with bizarre and wonderful fiestas which fuse ancient pagan rituals with religious saints’ days. 

Practically every town and village on the island has a weekly market and these are fun and casual ways to get to see the rest of the island and buy a few local goods, or... just an excuse to have breakfast out in the sun in a different plaza every day. After all spring is the best time of year to enjoy sitting outdoors in Mallorca!


Spring events in Mallorca in MAY 


Spring Events in Mallorca


11th - 12th of May: Pollença Wine Fair


La Fira del Vi in Pollensa is a yearly event which has become established as Mallorca’s largest and most prestigious wine fair.

If you like wine and are interested in learning more about it and tasting local wines the Pollensa Wine fair is a wonderful event of its kind and hosted in one of Pollensa Old towns’ most emblematic buildings; the Cloisters of Santo Domingo.

It is a popular spring event in Mallorca with some 40 wine producers and thousands of visitors over the whole weekend where you can try a host of wines from Mallorca and the other Balearic islands for a small entry fee.

For more information on the Pollensa fair, see: The Pollensa Wine Fair


12th of May: NIRVANA IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca, Alcudia


The Ironman 70.3 returns to Mallorca every spring, where 3,500 international athletes come to compete on a beautiful course and in scenic countryside.

The race begins with the swim course in the Bay of Alcudia, followed by the one loop bike course, up into the Tramuntana Mountains and ending with the run on a flat 2,5 loop course along the wonderful beach of Alcudia. The finishline is located on the Beach area, about 50 meters apart from the swim start.


13th of May: Moros i Cristians, Sóller


Spring Events in Mallorca


This is Sóller’s great mock battle, fought between the invading Moorish pirates and the defending Christian villagers and celebrated every year in spring in this stunning mountain village in the middle of the Serra de Tramuntana. Expect loud and raucous street parties with men in fancy dress, women donned in white nighties, lots of fire crackers and drinking, late into the night. it always lands on the Monday after the second Sunday of the month.

The other mock battle of the Moors and Christians is the one that takes place in Pollensa on the 2nd of August every year.


19th - 21st of May: Medieval Fair, Capdepera


The Medieval fair takes place on the third weekend in May in the medieval market town of Capdepera in the north east of Mallorca. This is one of those wonderfully picturesque spring events in Mallorca where you will be transported back into the olden times, with displays of prowess, antique toys and games, exhibitions, local crafts and street entertainment. Stall owners dress in traditional costumes and there is music and plenty of food and drink. For more info: Medieval Market in Capdepera


Throughout May: Spring Fairs and Events in Mallorca


Mallorca’s country towns and villages celebrate their agricultural and traditional fairs and markets, livestock shows and family entertainments throughout May.  

Other spring events in Mallorca are the beach bar parties. The best and the trendiest vie for clientele by throwing all sorts of late night music events on the sand. For more information on these follow us on facebook.