Snacks & Bar Ona

Mar Calma Hotel Sanck Bar OnaWelcome to our bar. Yours and ours. A place to have a good time. To enjoy a drink with friends. A laid back, friendly meeting point, to share a drink at the end of the day. We pride ourselves in making you feel comfortable. A good drink, good atmosphere and good company, what else could you need? 

Bar Ona is both an elegant hotel bar for our guests and a chic cocktail bar for the town, a place to relax and watch the world go by. Because at Mar Calma Hotel we want you to have the very best of both worlds, an intimate and comfortable place to chill and a chance to enjoy some local flavour and mix with the cool international Puerto Pollensa crowd.

So we've opened a Gin & Tonic Bar in our boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. It's an easy place to stop by and have a drink after work

Hot Breakfasts and Chilled Drinks at our Hotel Bar in Puerto Pollensa

At Mar Calma Hotel in Puerto Pollensa we believe in being flexible and understand that every single one of our customers is unique, with their own singular tastes and needs. This is is why we have created Bar Ona hotel bar on the ground floor of our boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. In the mornings we provide an intimate and peaceful breakfast room, with freshly prepared hot breakfast to order, as well as a whole selection of breakfast choices, juice, tea and coffee in a private setting away from the street. In the evenings our hotel bar opens its doors to the public and transforms into a chic cocktail bar in the centre of town, near the main square. While our barman russles up the best Gin & Tonics in town, Bar Ona Hotel Bar provides a great meeting point for Puerto Pollensa's cosmopolitan crowd and the perfect place to enjoy a drink before dinner...or after.