Small Boutique Hotel in Puerto Pollensa

Where to stay in Puerto Pollensa - In a small, boutique hotel, of course!


Small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


A bit like slow cooking and soft selling, small is more friendly and personal and in business tends to offer a better product. When it comes to hotels, nothing beats the individual, one-to-one service and unique quality of a small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. Not only is this hotel well located, but you get the excellence, style and exacting standards of a fine hotel, with the friendly and personalized service of a small one. 

Besides, the Mar Calma is a small boutique hotel with a twist. It is urban and stylish, it is small and in the centre of town, friendly, eco-conscious, designer and comfortable. It has that eclectic feel and is the very antithesis of the family package holiday hotel that Mallorca is often best known for. It is all this and much more; because this small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa is by the sea!


Just Imagine... 


Glistening, white sand and turquoise blue sea, hot summer days and balmy nights, warm morning croissants and cocktails at sun down.

Just imagine where you could wake up every morning. Where you could sit in the evening. Where you could spend your days...


A small boutique hotel on Mallorca's north coast


Small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


Nowhere is ever very far from the sea in Mallorca, granted. But to stay in a small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa next to the sea, one road back from the beach, a short walk from the golden sand and crystal, clear waters of the Bay of Pollensa. That is another thing all together. 

The Bay of Pollensa was recently voted as the most photographed view on the island and it comes as little surprise to those of us who live in its vicinity. The light off the water changes colour throughout the day. The scene can be serene and magical. It can be fun and frolicsome, full of watersports and kitesurfing, or it can be still and stunning. It is dramatic out of season when the storms hit the sea and golden at dawn, pink at dusk.

On the north coast of Mallorca there are a whole variety of stunning beaches; some very popular, family friendly, accessible, and others remote coves reached only by foot after a long walk.


A small boutique hotel with unique qualities in a unique setting


If it is small, then the secret is in the details, and this little boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa gets it right from the start. 

Authentic Mallorca design meets modern, minimalist decor in a refurbished townhouse in the very middle of Puerto Pollensa. Wonderful technology-filled bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, walk-in showers and a lift to all floors makes this small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa easily accessible to anyone with mobility problems and extremely comfortable. 

Reassuringly consistent, our small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa offers high quality service from the moment you walk through the door. 


Breakfast is only prepared once you sit down, ensuring it is always hot and freshly made; tea, coffee and a small bite can be provided at any time of night for early departures and arrivals and snacks are served all day in the downstairs breakfast bar. 


Small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


Mallorca holidays in a small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


Mallorca is not tropical or exotic, it is tried and tested, safe and nearby. The whole of Europe has been here at least once and most return. It has a bad name and some areas deserve it, but Mallorca is and always has been an exquisitely beautiful island and largely unharmed by its immense popularity.


There is something special about a small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


Puerto Pollensa remained apart for most of the past century, getting a trickle of those in the know, the semi resident community, artists and adventurers and now a new wave of outdoor enthusiasts, yachtsmen, sportsmen, cyclists and bird watchers. Hikers have also discovered the area and are drawn to the coastline and the Tramuntana Mountains that border the town and ripple along the edge of the island, as far as Cape Formentor.


A small boutique hotel in the foothills of the Tramuntana Mountains


Small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa


As a base for exploring, you can't beat this small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. 

Located in the very centre of Puerto Pollensa, the hotel is within walking distance to the start of cycle and trekking paths and a short drive from the wetlands and bird sanctuaries of Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia. The Tramuntana Mountains run south from Pollensa all the way to Andratx in the SW and north towards Formentor, allowing a small dip for the towns of Pollensa and Puerto Pollensa. A 15 minute drive will land you near enough to start hiking or you can drive across the range, stopping at the hilltop villages and the traditional restaurants on route.


A small hotel with big ideas 


A welcome home from home after a long day outdoors and a delightful spot for a sundowner in the evening, the private terrace on the roof top has a spa and hot-tub, bar service and solarium for soaking up the rays in complete seclusion with views over the marina and the Tramuntana Mountains.

Free, high-speed wifi on every floor, throughout our small boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa and a large living room to use as needed; meetings, conferences or just somewhere to write an email in peace. 


And to end the day in style...


Dinning out at in Puerto Pollensa


In the evening the hotel bar transforms into a trendy gin and tonic cafe with doors open to the street. Popular with guests and locals too, it is a great spot to sit and watch the evening unfold, meet friends and enjoy an aperitif before going out to dinner.

Too small a boutique hotel to accommodate a restaurant on the property, our staff will be delighted to point you towards the many bistros and eateries around the square, along the Pine Walk and on the beachfront, some very fine restaurants, as you would expect in a place like Puerto Pollensa.