Scuba diving in Puerto Pollensa


Scuba diving in Puerto Pollensa


Discover and explore a magical subaquatic world right in the Bay of Pollensa!

Scuba diving off the coast of Pollensa, in northern Mallorca


There has been a tradition of scuba diving in Puerto Pollensa, going back decades, with fabulous dive sites up to and past the Formentor beach and areas of startling underwater beauty. It certainly draws an international set of divers, and has been doing so since as far back as the eighties.

Great efforts have been made to conserve and repopulate the bay with autochtonous flora and wildlife, decimated by over fishing and the onslaught of tourism, and it seems to have paid off.


The Bay of Pollensa


Horseshoe in shape, fairly shallow and flanked by the Formentor and Victoria peninsulas, the Bay of Pollensa is an ideal spot for water sports in general, sailing particularly and scuba diving on its outer edges, where the rocky coastline is dotted with underwater caves and rich in marine life.

Over fishing, careless sewage treatment systems and the boom of tourism in the eighties saw the Bay of Pollensa's underwater fauna practically die off. The seabed was barren, the water murky and the posidonia beginning to shrivel.

Luckily action was taken. Strict regulations and a growing awareness of the need to protect this beautiful tourist resort saw a massive turnaround. 

Nowadays the seabed is alive again with red coral and posidonia, and full of marina wildlife.


Posidonia in Puerto Pollensa


Ever marvelled at the sea's rich tones of blue? That aquamarine clarity of the water in Mallorca that feels so pristine and exquisite is largely thanks to the meadows of flowing tendrils that coat the seabed off the Balearic coast. 

Posidonia Oceanica is a form of local algae or seagrass endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and an essential element of the ecosystem. Its very presence signals a lack of pollution and at the same time it is what keeps the water clean.

The posidonia fields are being heavily controlled now, replanted and protected from boats, which would carelessly rip whole chunks out each time they dropped and lifted anchor, and from pollution, and the area is alive again with nudibrach and schools of barracuda


Dive Sites in Puerto Pollensa


Diving in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca


One site that is particularly attractive for beginner scuba diving is the area known as Chicken Bay, just beneath the Fortaleza, on the northern side of the Bay. It is also a popular boat hangout, as the headland offers safe and calm waters for anchoring, even when the weather is bad. 

Past the fort and lighthouse the sea can get choppy and the underwater topography is more exciting. A great area to explore is the stretch beyond the Formentor Hotel and beach, and the channel between the beach and the islet.

At the Cape of Formentor the seabed drops to 50 metres, with canyons and deep caves, only fit for experienced divers.

On the far southern side of the Bay of Pollensa there is the rocky coastline of Bonaire, La Victoria and Coll Baix, largely unspoiled, with only a few beaches. This is a particularly good spot for cave diving

Wreck diving is also possible in the middle of the Bay now, with the recent discovery of a ghost ship 39m down.


Dive Centres in Puerto Pollensa


Scuba Mallorca has been giving dive courses in Puerto Pollensa for about half a century.

Tramuntana Diving have been operational for almost as long, though they changed their name a few years ago to their current brand. These offer the most professional service all round.

Action Sport Mallorca also provide dive lessons, excursions and courses.


Dive courses in Puerto Pollensa


You can take a Try Dive, which is a taster dive with a small introductory talk on the theory and kit, and then a shallow dive with an instructor. Usually to a maximum depth of 5 metres. 

A beginner dive is often a bit longer and will take you down to about 12 metres. 

All levels of dive courses are available: PADI, SSI Certificate, deep dive certificates, advanced, open water, scooter, stress and recovery courses, extended range nitrox and free diving.

And if you are already in posssesion of a scuba diving certificate, they will take you out on the boat to the top dive sites in Puerto Pollensa.