Cycling in Puerto Pollensa


Cycling in Puerto Pollensa


Why is cycling so good for you and why go cycling in Puerto Pollensa?

 Fun, healthy and great for your love life, but watch out, cycling is addictive!


Ever since you learnt to ride your first bicycle you have known cycling is fun. Cycling has come a long way since then and evolved into a sophisticated sport, but the benefits remain the same. Cycling is good for health and happiness, body and soul, improves brainpower and believe it or not, it is also good for your relationships!

Cycling in Puerto Pollensa's beautiful natural environment and in wonderful weather is so good that you can get hooked. But don't worry, the natural endorphin high you get from cycling helps reduce stress, make friends and enjoy life more fully.


Cycling in Puerto Pollensa is a cheap, efficient and eco-friendly form of transport


Whether you are in Puerto Pollensa on a cycling trip with friends, a training camp or a relaxing holiday with your bike, cycling in Puerto Pollensa is a cost efficient and affordable way to get around. Not only is cycling in Puerto Pollensa healthy and fun, but it is free.

Cycling in Puerto Pollensa is also a fast and effective form of travel. Mallorca is relatively small in size at 3640 km2, and the Puerto Pollensa area in the north of the island, with its mountainous backbone and craggy coast is ideal for cycling.

Cycling is eco friendly. Where you park one car, you can fit 20 bikes. Cycling in Puerto Pollensa you use no petrol and produce no pollution, hence not only is it fast and free, but it's respectful and friendly with the environment. And thanks to the pure unpoluted air of Puerto Pollensa, cycling here is good for your lungs as well. 


Cycling in Puerto Pollensa


Cycling in Puerto Pollensa is good for your beauty, your bowels and your brain


Cycling will help you will look younger, feel healthier and stay slim. Increased exercise from cycling in Puerto Pollensa's clean natural environment oxygenates your blood, improving skin tone and helping reduce wrinkles. Do make sure you protect yourself from the sun however, wear a hat, sun cream and carry plenty of water!

As a low impact sport, cycling in Puerto Pollensa is a great way to start exercising away any unwanted fat without hurting your joints. 

Cycling improves digestion and prevents bloating. You can enjoy all the delicious Mediterranean dishes, tapas and beers you like, if you are cycling in Puerto Pollensa. A day on the bike will make sure your body has earned it.

It is also good for your brain. Research has found that cycling helps build new brain cells in the hippocampus, the area of your brain responsible for memory.


Live longer, sleep better, think more creatively and improve your sex life, by cycling in Puerto Pollensa


Not only does cycling reduce feelings of fatigue, but cycling in Puerto Pollensa's bright sunlight will help get your circadian rhythm, ie: sleep patterns, back in sync and rid your body of sleep blocking cortisol, aiding deep restorative sleep.

Regular exercise, and particularly cycling, helps reduce your risk to disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Cycling in Puerto Pollensa, in clean air, fine weather and stunning natural surroundings oxygenates your body and brain. This also helps boost mental creativity and solve mental blocks. So, if work is getting too much, hop on your bike for a quick holiday cycling in Puerto Pollensa and watch your brain unmuddle and serve you up with some fresh creative thought. 

Lastly, but by no means least, cycling improves vascular health, delaying aging and menopause, improving sexual prowess and lowering the risk of impotence.


And you thought a holiday cycling in Puerto Pollensa was just about getting fit!