How to escape the crowds in Mallorca this summer

Where to go to get away in Mallorca: Spaces, gardens and secret places

How to escape the crowds in Mallorca this summer

Some may say that it's impossible.

The island is too popular, the beaches too full, the plazas, cafes and restaurants are all well known, discussed on Trip Advisor, advertised online and in some cases, famous worldwide. 

People will tell you there are no unbeaten tracks, no faraway, no hidden gems, nowhere left to find.

But I beg to differ.

Though it is small, this island is so manifold and unique that you may never get to know everything about it; you may visit over and over again and still discover new places every time you come.

And that's what makes Mallorca so enticing.

Mallorca summer holidays away from the crowds

I hope you are sitting somewhere comfortable, in the shade. Because by now the sun is at it's most potent, beating down on the dry Mallorcan soil. The sand on the beach too hot to walk on, barefoot. The sea is turning warm.

The main plaza in the centre of town is teeming, heaving, the beaches, well… there are people everywhere... children squealing with delight, parents slumped under sun umbrellas, dreaming of evening drinks at sundown.

Cafes and restaurants along the bay are setting up for an early lunch. But if this is not what you want, then where to go for a bite to eat? Where do the locals go?

Lunching somewhere different, somewhere local

How to escape the crowds this summer in Mallorca

You may not want to brave the roads, and why would you? The midday heat is intense on the tarmac. Hiring a car, though essential to some, is not always conducive to relaxation and your holidays should be relaxing, shouldn't they?

But can there really be a place to get away from the summer sun? Away from the crowded eateries. A place of calm.

Please step this way...

In Port de Pollensa, where I am hoping you're staying, or will be soon, most restaurants are on the seafront and around the main square. And this is, of course, where most people will head.

But down a small side street, off the main drag, there is a wonderful place to eat set in a secret garden. It's a vegan and vegetarian restaurant called Bellaverde, and though popular with those in the know, is entirely secluded, shaded and blissful, and they serve delicious and eclectic dishes with lots of local organic wines.

If you would rather have sea views... on the Alcudia side of Puerto Pollensa, at La Victoria, there is an old monastery, which houses the Restaurant Mirador de la Victoria. This is one of those restaurants that the Mallorquins love so much, and as such is very local. It can seat hundreds of people in its indoor hall and hundreds more on the vast terrace overlooking the wilder edge of the Bay. The views are magnificent up here and the fresh sea air comes as balm on a hot summer's day. Locals use it mainly for events, but you can just as easily go and order paella for two.

How to escape the crowds in Mallorca this summer

If you're more of a meat, fish or tapas kind of person, and willing to brave Mallorca's roads, here is another lunch plan you may like: Set out early and drive inland to Can Puput in Mancor del Vall. As they don’t have a website, have a look at their facebook page! You will have to pass through Inca to get there, as this is a tiny village in the foothills and rarely visited at all. Here you will find one of those little eateries that serve traditional Spanish tapas and local specialties for a set price, water and wine thrown in, and if you really want the full experience of a Mallorca lunch, then end your meal with a carajillo; a black coffee topped with cognac or brandy.

Boating on the Bay of Pollensa

There are several boat charter companies peddling their tours near the Yacht Club on the front in Puerto Pollensa, and some of these will rent you un-crewed speed boats without a license for the whole day.

Not much more than a tub with an awning and room to comfortably sit 5/6 people, depending on their size, these little boats are easy to drive and your ticket to fresh sea breezes and a level of privacy you will struggle to find on land.

How to escape the crowds in Mallorca this summer

You may find the sea is full of others with exactly the same idea. But once you've crossed the bay to the lighthouse and found you're spot, you will probably be feeling so magnanimous, that other boats become fellow travellers and you don't mind them at all!

There are plenty of nooks and crannies to the south of the bay and if you look you will find a quiet place to stop for a swim, picnic, sunbathing and drinks.

The company I used is Multimar Alcudia, they are Alcudia based but have a stand in the port and they have a good selection of boats for a very reasonable price. There are quite a few options though, so shop around.