How to pack for your boutique holiday in Puerto Pollensa

The one and only holiday packing list for your next Mallorca trip


How to pack for your Puerto Pollensa holidays


What to pack (and not pack) for your next holidays in Puerto Pollensa


Some people bring the entire kitchen cupboard, or the whole of their summer wardrobe, others cart along all kinds of electrical hair styling gadgets, several pairs of shoes and suitcases of heavy books. Though there are a few essentials you do need on holiday in Puerto Pollensa, like a European adaptor for your phone charger or your driving license, packing for a holiday in a boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa only requires a few essential belongings. And if you forget anything, rest assured, you can buy another one here.


What to wear on the beach


Less is more on the beach. And the people who live in Puerto Pollensa are extremely accepting. As long as you wear a bikini bottom you can wear whatever you like or nothing else. In shops, cafes and restaurants off the beach, locals will ask you to wear shoes and cover up. This is not the law, merely a show of respect.

Back on the beach however, a large tote bag should be able to fit everything you need on holiday; a sarong / towel, bikini, sun cream and hat. Beach cafes and bars on the sand offer refreshments and meals throughout the day and cocktails and live music at night so no need to carry food and drink. A pretty summer dress to throw over your bikini for the evening makes you look stylish and not too under dressed.

A book. Though Kindles and e-books are commonly seen on the beach, do be careful and don´t leave them lying around. Don't take valuables onto the beach either, nor large quantities of cash, you can leave it all behind at your boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. 


What to wear on the beach on holiday in Puerto Pollensa


What to pack for dining out in the evening


Dining out in Puerto Pollensa is a fairly casual affair and in the plazas and squares you can pretty much wear whatever you like. If you are going out for dinner in one of the smarter restaurants then you may want to dress up a bit. Accessorize from local markets and save the stress of taking real valuables on holiday to a boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa. Locals opt for shirts and shawls, and though the evenings are balmy, it can get fresh by the sea.

Heels are rarely necessary in Puerto Pollensa through, and cobbled stones and sandy paths don’t make for easy walking. If you want the extra height, opt instead for platform sandals or just stick to flip flops for more effortless chic. Local boutique shops in town and along the beach sell all kinds of shoes, from top brands to handcrafted local artisan shoes. Heeled espadrilles won’t last more than one summer holiday but make for comfortable and versatile day and night wear and can look pretty trendy too.


What to pack for walking in the hills


In the heat of summer you may think it’s coolest by the sea, and you are absolutely right. But there is another place, often ignored, with wonderful scenery and cool temperatures: the mountains. A short drive into the hills from your hotel in Puerto Pollensa, you get to the Lluc Monastery and the beginning of the Tramuntana Mountains which ripples down the entire west coast of Mallorca. Tiny hidden villages, mountain refuges, excellent restaurants and fresh sea breeze.

All you really need to worry about are good shoes, a hat and plenty of water. Natural streams and water sources dry up in the summer months and distances between villages and mountain refuges can be a fair bit longer than you may imagine at first. Ask at your hotel for ideas on routes and organised walks.


What to wear in the hills on holiday in Mallorca


What to pack for going out on a boat?


One of the best things about staying in a boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa is being near the sea.  And being out on the ocean at this time of year is a wonderful way of feeling the luxury of a Puerto Pollensa summer and an opportunity to escape the crowds and see the island in a whole different light. 

You are a 5 minute walk from the beach and the marina in Puerto Pollensa, and there are many boat charter companies operating in the area, from crewed to unscrewed, speed boats to classic sailing, and you can easily and affordably hire a yacht for the day.

If you are planning a day trip out on a boat in Puerto Pollensa you will need 5 things: boat shoes, swimwear, hat, sun cream and a shirt or loose top to protect you from the sun. Midday temperatures will burn you to a crisp even though being out on the water is the coolest place to be.

We can help you find and book a local yacht company for day and weekend charters. 


What to wear on a boat on holiday in Puerto Pollensa

How to NOT look like a tourist


Men and women in Puerto Pollensa dress with style, on and off the beach and clothes, how much of them and the manner in which they are worn tell the locals and tourists apart. If you want to be more cosmopolitan visitor than mass tourist, opt for simple and light clothing, and above all wear the clothes you feel comfortable in.

Nothing tells a tourist apart as well as brand new “holiday clothes” bought for the occasion and not what you are used to wearing at all. If you like shorts and a t-shirt, or are more the retro dress kind of girl, then my advice is stick to what you know suits you best. Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you have to dress entirely in white linen and lace.


So, what to pack for your holidays in a boutique hotel in Mallorca?


In the end, the best packing advice is to bring you favourite, well worn, tried and tested clothes, accessories and cosmetics but don't bring anything too valuable or irreplaceable. Live and act as you would at home. The only difference is that it´s a bit more casual and a great deal hotter. If you like walking, cycling, swimming or dining, bring the few essentials you simply wouldn't live without at home. Enjoy the island with the ease of someone who holidays here every year, and feel yourself relax as you blend in and start to feel at home. 



All the things you will NOT need to pack for a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa


I hope you enjoy your holidays in our boutique hotel in Puerto Pollensa!