Port de Pollensa's Summer Festival

It's party time in Puerto Pollensa!


Port de Pollensa's Summer Festival


There are two days a year when the Port de Pollensa drops the holiday destination job and goes back to being the small fishing village it once was to celebrate its traditions in full. One is the winter festival of Sant Antoni and the other one is the summer Festes del Verge del Carme.


Port de Pollensa's Fiesta


Celebrated all along the coast in honour of the patron saint of sailors and in Port of Pollensa during the first week of July, it's the town's main summer fiesta; a week to ten days of revelry, music and activities, which comes to a gran finale with a procession of fishing boats, tubs, luxury yachts and anything that floats, garlanded in flowers and paper streamers to carry the statue of the virgin across the bay and be blessed in the church.


Saint Peter


The fiestas were originally celebrated at the end of June in honour of Saint Peter, the patron saint of sailors, fishermen and seafarers, but when the new church was built in the square and named after the Virgin of Carmen, the fiestas took on the name and got shifted to July.


The Full Calendar


This is not a one-day party... Here our fiestas carry on for days of concerts, DJs and processions with all kinds of goofy activities thrown in. You may not want to take part in all of it, but I do recommend you go and see the big water procession just once on your life!


Church Service

The fiesta kicks off on the evening of the 6th of July with a service at Port de Pollensa's church: Iglesia de la Mare de Déu del Carme, followed by an outdoor classical concert on the square.


Seafront Race


If you like running, you may want to join La Cursa Marinera, a popular 7 km evening race ​along the sea front, which takes place the following day, on the first Saturday of the fiestas, followed by the grand opening party in the main square.

The race starts on Passeig Saralegui and takes in most of the bay road and then loops back on itself and ends at the start. 


Water Parties


The following days offer all sorts of rare and wonderful treats; traditional Mallorca dancing, as well as circus, theatre, street processions, sports and dance classes and the delightful water parties, which are meant for the kids but adults are welcome too.


Alfresco Dining


There are several outdoor dinners in aid of local charities, which attract hundreds of locals and line the streets with makeshift dining tables, pamboli and vast quantities of wine.


The Grand Finale


On the closest Sunday to the 16th of July the fiestas come to an end in an extravagant and beautiful show of colour, as the virgin del Carmen statue is carried in procession across the water.


We hope you enjoy the fietas!