A weekend break in a boutique hotel in Mallorca

Treat yourself to a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca


Boutique hotel weekend breaks in Mallorca


Escape from the city - Stay at our boutique hotel for a weekend break in the north of the island of Mallorca


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca is such an easy way to get away, one click booking, hop on the next flight out and bingo! Before you know it you are sitting on a sun drenched terrace sipping a Cafe con Leche in your flip flops!


A weekend break in Mallorca



As much as you love your home town, your job, friends, family and kids, we all need a break once in a while. Some of us more often still, every bank holiday weekend really, if I could, and there is really no need to explain, it's just the way it is, because you feel like it.

The thing is we all deserve a mini weekend break in a boutique hotel and Mallorca, with its cheap and fast travel, regular flights and lovely weather, is the perfect place to start.


A boutique hotel weekend break



Now, Mallorca, you may say, is not for you. But I beg to differ. Whether you are looking for adventure, culture, leisure or romance, I bet you will be happily surprised by the Mallorca I have on offer for you.

For one, away from the busier beach resorts in the south of the island, the north of the island is pretty idyllic. It has mountains and monasteries, wetlands, salt pans and tiny hidden coves. It is loved by cyclists and rock climbers, underwater divers and sailors. It hosts yoga retreats and classical music concerts and has a rich and diverse culture, history and landscape.


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



I would suggest however, that if you can, take that boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca out of season, and avoid school holidays and half terms at all costs. If you do this, then I assure you, you will be blown away by this island and will get it all to yourself.

I know you want the sun, and think that the mid summer is the only real way to be sure, but the peak season is really quite full on and on either side of summer, in September, October, May and June, you are going to get sizzling hot days and balmy nights without the crowds and the expense. 


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



Fun comes in many guises, what is fun to you may well not be fun to me. But bear with me here, fun can be had in Mallorca in so many different ways that I am willing to stand for my assertion that you can have a great time here on a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca.

A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca can be relaxing, peaceful, sporty, outdoorsy, super active and ridiculously lazy, it can be culinary, cultural, touristy or local. Time it with the local fiestas and you will be immersed in an ancient world of pagan/religious traditions, visit the island's markets and you will see the alternative hippy side. Go artisan and follow the fairs, do a wine tour and taste local brews. 


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



Escape the city madness, rushhour traffic and endless emails, let them all know you are going off grid for the weekend and delight in the blissful tranquility of a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca. 

With everything you need a few steps from the hotel, you can swim in the sea, dine in the square, sunbathe on the rooftop spa and enjoy a sundowner in the hotel bar. Shops, cafes, restaurants and beaches are all within walking distance, beach cafes with live music, tapas bars down the walking streets and a regular ferry to Formentor beach across the Bay, our most stunning local beach of all.


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



Given the location of our boutique hotel in Mallorca, up on the north coast, in the small resort town of Puerto Pollensa, your boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca is all set for adventure. 

The town is in the foothills of the majestic Tramuntana Mountains which make up the western coastline of the island and sits on the edge of the sea. So, be it water or hills, sailing or hiking, the outdoor adventure lovers of the world cannot but be impressed by this scenery and landscape. 

Local adventure company Mondaventura organises excursions, hikes, mountain climbing, kayaking, canyoning and scubadiving. The more extreme the better, but they also run tours for beginners, so everyone is welcome. 


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



Partly because production is small (40,000 hl/yr) and partly because they are a islanders after all and Mallorcan wines are loved, consumed and sold in Mallorca, Mallorca wine production rarely sees it off the island, other than competitions and specialist fairs. You won't find a Sa Vall by Miquel Gelabert in Odbins, or a Sió 300 Ribas red in Sainburys.

This is a land of well kept secrets and hidden delights, but it is also there to be discovered and explored. If you have the time over the wekend to take a road trip inland, a short drive from your boutique hotel will transport you into the fertile winecountry and ancient vineyards of Mallorca.

Wine tours can be arranged, as can full dinners at the wineries. Alternatively, dine out at any local restaurant and sample local Mallorca wines straight off the menu.


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



For a touch of hedonism and a cheeky dose of romance, book in for a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca.

It can be sooo romantic to be anonimous. Nobody knows you're here. Whatever you do, long beach walks, wild nights out, skinny diping in the sea, a day boat charter around the north coast, a day trip to Palma city, or just endless days wandering along cobbled streets, eating, drinking, sleeping late, breakfasts in the sun. Time alone is all it takes, and all you need is a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca.


A boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca



For a special ocasion, a honeymoon or anniversary then a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca takes on a certain significance. You will remember this trip above all others, it marks a passage, and sets a standard. Keep it high and it will stay up there.

Aesthetically beautiful, a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca is a perfect photo opportunity, an ideal setting for timeless shots, inspiring too. Take a scenic drive along the coast, through the natural wildlife reserves, or up into the hills, stopping on route in the tiny mountain villages for lunch.


And so... When are we going on a boutique hotel weekend break in Mallorca?