Easter Holidays in Mallorca

Spring Holidays, Holy Week, Sunshine and Cycling in a Small Hotel in the North of Mallorca


Easter Holidays in Mallorca


There are countless good reasons to come to Mallorca for your Easter holidays


There are all the heartfelt and emotional reasons, and the cultural ones too. But then there are the no-brainers. Flying to Mallorca for Easter holidays is cheaper and easier than any other time of year, with lower prices and lots of choice on flights, more space in the boutique hotels, more availability, and lower rates in everything from car hire to boat charters and eating out.


Mallorca Easter holidays for 2019 – Easter week calendar


Good Friday falls on the 19th of April this year and Easter Sunday falls on April 21st. The Easter holidays will be a little later in the season. This year, spring and Easter will coincide in Mallorca.

Known locally as Semana Santa or Holy week, the Easter holidays in Mallorca are dramatic, full of hooded processions, ancient rituals and religious re-enactments. Easter week kicks off on the last Sunday before Easter, on Palm Sunday, Diumenge des Ram, when Jesus entered Jerusalem.

One of the most poignant of all the Easter holiday processions in Mallorca is the Processó del Silenci, the silent procession, which usually takes place on the Tuesday before Easter.  Maudy Thursday, Dijous Sant, the last day of Lent, is the most solemn and religious of all the days, followed by Good Friday, Divendres Sant, end of Lent and the beginning of the celebration. Local delicacies, pastries and buns are prepared and sold in stands in the main squares.


Spring weather in Mallorca


Easter Holidays in Mallorca


Spring comes early in Mallorca.

Most years the almond blossom is out by mid January. Las Calmas de Enero, quite literally, the January calm, is the lull before the frieze. January is often clear and sunny and a favourite sailing break in the heart of winter. 

February is usually cold, sometime freezing, occasionally snow will cover the mountains. Roads get closed off for days. March is still cold.

But it is hot by April. By the time the Easter holidays arrive, Mallorca has been warming up for months. The sea is still cold until the end of the month and the evening are fresh, but the sun shines hot in the middle of the day and the plazas and squares are full of locals. The cafes and restaurants open again for Easter holidays in Mallorca, fresh for a new season.

And that's another thing about the Easter holidays in Mallorca. Everyone is energized. The cafe owners and restauranteurs, the taxi drivers and hotel staff have all enjoyed a winter off and are ready to start work again. It is possibly the friendliest and uplifting time of year on the island.

The Easter holidays in Mallorca promise perfect holiday weather.


Outdoor holidays in Mallorca 


Easter Holidays in Mallorca


Around this time of year, during the Easter holidays, cyclists, sportsmen and women and outdoor enthusiasts start to arrive on the island, some drawn by the cycling routes, others by the calm and tranquility... some come to train, others to sight birds on their migrations north over the island.

The cyclists may be the most prominent of the early season visitors, but others have also discovered the delights of Mallorca during the Easter holidays and throughout spring.

Golf is taking off in Mallorca in a big way. As the golf clubs and greens are brought up to European standards, services and facilities improved, and suitable accommodation becoming more and more available, golf players have began to discover in Mallorca an ideal golf holiday spot.

The Easter holidays are without doubt the most attractive time of year for a trip, mild climate and un-crowded, Mallorca provides all the necessary qualities for a spot of golf, holiday with family, cycling tour, birding or romantic escape.


The perfect time of year


This is quite possibly the most delightful time of year on the island, just before the holiday season really kicks off, when the weather is warm yet not too hot and uncomfortable. Easter holidays in Mallorca do tend to enjoy some of the most pleasant climates.

As Easter holidays in Mallorca are later this year, we are looking at the weather in mid April, which tends to range between 14 and 19ºC and sea temperatures are getting comfortable at 16ºC. 10 hours of daylight feel very definitely like the beginning of summer and allow for outdoor lunches and possibly also in the evenings. 


Easter traditions and festivities in Mallorca


Easter holidays in Mallorca


Beyond the beach cafes and surf shops, this is a deeply traditional island, with a complex calendar of pageants, processions, fiestas and fairs, which mark the seasons and celebrate saints and harvests. Often, both at the same time.

The Easter holidays in Mallorca are marked by a series of processions, which have not changed for centuries, with the same costumes and customs being re-enacted every year down the same streets. 

Visually compelling, the Easter processions in Mallorca are grand and magical, with hooded and cloaked figures marching to the low drum beat, long candles burning, bare feet and sometimes chains…sumptuous in Palma city and yet surprising in the villages, if you are considering spending your Easter holidays in Mallorca, don’t miss at least one of the Easter processions. 

Read more about what's going on here: Our guide on Spring Events in Mallorca.


The Easter holidays in Mallorca are, quite simply, the time of year you want to be here!