Celebrate your wedding in the north of Mallorca

Getting married in the Balearics and all you need to know about organizing a wedding on the island

Celebrate your wedding in the north of Mallorca

Do you want to get married in Mallorca and celebrate your wedding with friends and family on a beautiful island in the Med? 

But, can you do it? Is it possible to have the legal ceremony on Spanish soil?

And if not, what about a marriage ceremony?

Organising a wedding is a big thing, emotional, exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. And if you wish to have your wedding, or part of it, abroad, then it can get a bit more complicated. 

I am going to try to unravel and explain your options and how to go about organizing your marriage celebration on the gorgeous island of Mallorca.

First of all...

Can foreigners get married in Spain?

Yes. Spanish law allows foreigners to get married in Spain, or in this case, in Mallorca.

In practice anyway.

But there are a few conditions:

One of the two of you has to have been a legal Spanish resident for two years.

Therefore, both civil and church wedding are possible IF one of the couple is either a foreign resident of a Spanish national. 

If neither of you are, then you will NOT be able to get legally married in Mallorca.

If you one of you is a Spanish resident and you can get legally married here, then this is what you need to know:

Civil Marriages in Mallorca

As with all things bureaucratic in Mallorca, lots of paperwork is needed, so be warned!

There are a few essential documents you will need in order to have a civil wedding in Mallorca:

Your birth certificate 

And if it isn't in Spanish, which it probably isn't, you will need to get a sworn translation of it. This is basically a translation with an official stamp provided by a sworn translator.

Your passport

Consular registration certificate

"Spanish citizens residing abroad must register with the Consular Register corresponding to the district where they live"

From the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

Although I know for a fact that not everyone living abroad in Spain has done this, if you want to marry in Mallorca, you will need to do so, because this certificate is one of the ones you will be asked to present.

Consular Certificate of No-Impediment

The British Consulate General is now centralised in Madrid.

To get your certificates you will have to print out the relevant documents from their website, sign them in front of a Spanish Public Notary, and then send your application to the British Consulate in Madrid. You will then receive your original documents and certificate in the post. For more detailed info: Click here

Gay Marriages in Mallorca

YES. Homosexual couples can legally marry in Spain. Since the law was passed in July 2005, gay couples have the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples.

However, beware that the same red tape applies too!

What are the steps to getting married in Mallorca?

Spanish authorities just love asking for paperwork. And the more complicated the better, even for registered residents, so be patient, breath deeply and don't feel defeated.

The first thing you will need to do is contact the Local Registry Office, town hall or Church and they will tell you what they need to register your marriage.

Deciding on Option 2 : Celebration and non legal wedding

It can be daunting and often unnecessary to do the civil wedding in Spain however, and once they have peered at the immense pile of red tape needed to do so, most foreign couples usually decide to take care of the civil side of their marriage in the home country and come to Mallorca to celebrate their wedding!

Celebrate your wedding in Mallorca!

If you do this, all you will need, as a legal requisite, is an official translation of the marriage certificate for certain legal/town hall transactions.

Celebrating your Wedding in the Fabulous North of Mallorca

So we have finally got to the fun part.

To your friends and family this will be your real wedding, regardless that it is legally binding or not. You will have taken care of that side of things before anyhow, and now you have the blessing, the wedding dress, exchange of rings, declaration of marriage and the ceremony.

Because it can be such a pain to marry legally in Mallorca, many couple opt for this: having the blessing ceremony on the island and leave the boring stuff out.

You can now plan the wedding you want: small, huge, simple, informal or thoroughly formal. It is completely up to you, so let your imagination and dreams run wild.

Wedding Locations in Mallorca

There are so many beautiful spots for a wedding celebration here on the island, and on the north coast, you can choose between hilltops, beaches, coves and countryside to say your vows and treat your family and friends to the party of all parties!
A beach wedding is always fun and looks great in photos, but Mallorca's beaches are busy in summer. Would you consider getting married out of season perhaps?

Wedding Organisers

There are many local and foreign event and wedding organisers available on the island. A small search will show you how much choice there is. You can bring your own of course, but local know-how can be a help, so don't discard the idea of working with a Mallorca-based organiser for now.


The local weekly markets in Pollensa (on Sundays) and in Port de Pollensa (on Wednesdays) have several flower stalls that regularly provide flowers for events and weddings on the island. Go and have a chat with them...


Music is a very personal choice; whether you want a live band or a DJ, and if a band, what kind of music are you after? 

One way to see local musicians is to go to Pollensa old town on International Music Day on the 21st of June, when practically every musician from the area will be playing in bars, cafes, in the main square, at the cloisters and on the streets.


There may be a restaurant you really like or a particular chef. Ask them directly and organise food locally. Food trucks and mobile cocktail bars are upcoming in the north of the island and there are some pretty cool options around. For tantalizing mixology in a van, try THE VAN BAR, based in Pollensa and run by a delightful duo of cocktail magitians.


Well, we think the Mar Calma Hotel is perfect for wedding guests staying in the north of the island for a couple of days. But for the wedding couple we may be too small. Renting a large luxury villa is often the preferred choice and it gives you room to host after party drinks and small events for family and friends.


There are a number of transfer companies which offer various sized vehicles and provide direct shuttle services to and from the airport and event. For one local transport company, see Autocares Levante in Port de Pollensa.