Boutique hotel with premium gin bar in Puerto Pollensa

A premium gin bar in Puerto Pollensa - Boutique hotel bar Ona

Puerto Pollensa has a healthy cafe culture with a wealth of pavement cafes and beachside bars. What it didn't have however, was a great drinks bar

At Mar Calma Boutique Hotel in Puerto Pollensa we wanted to create a meeting point, a place to relax in and outside the hotel, a place for everyone and a premium gin bar.  So we have made a cafe that is open to both our hotel guests and the public at large and we specialised in gin and tonics.

Our barman takes great pleasure in sourcing the best gins on the market and providing a selection of tonic waters with a few added touches. He prides himself in producing the best Gin and Tonics in town. There is something just right about a chilled gin and tonic on a warm summer's evening, sitting out on a pavement cafe in Puerto Pollensa, watching people go by.