Boutique hotel with free wifi in rooms

Free wifi connection in rooms, lounge, terrace and boutique hotel bar

At Mar Calma Boutique Hotel we understand it is essential to be connected. You may be on holiday, but you are not on the moon. Whether you need to work, browse the internet or stay in contact with friends and family, our boutique hotel in provides rooms with free high speed wifi.

Other hotels claim to offer wifi, but this is often only in the common or public areas of the hotel, whereas Mar Calma Boutique Hotel offers high speed wifi connections in hotel bedrooms as well as all other areas of our hotel.

Infact, we provide free wifi throughout the hotel. There is free wifi in the breakfast bar, out of the terrace, in the lounge area and up on the rooftop. Wherever is most comfortable, you will find you are connected. In the sitting room area/meeting room on the first floor there is a desktop computer and printer at your disposal, especially useful for printing boarding passes, and in the hotel rooms we provide speakers with usb slots so you can enjoy your music too.