Don't pack these items for your next holidays in Pollensa

All the things you will NOT need to pack for a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa

The Light Traveler


What NOT to pack for a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa


If you are going on your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa in summer, spring or autumn, above all, pack light. Start with all the things you definitely don't need and it will be a lot easier to work out what you do need.


10 things you do NOT NEED to pack on a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa 


1. Toiletries


They do have shampoo in Mallorca! And sun cream, shower gel, toothpaste, etc... Nail varnish remover? In fact, you can buy all your toiletries and cosmetics on the island. Even tampons. Toiletries and cosmetics can take up an inordinate amount of room and if you are travelling with hand luggage only, then you have the added question of carrying liquids. Avoid the weight and hassle and pack multi function essentials and buy the rest once you land. Alternatively, decant all your favourite skin and hair products into 100ml bottles and save on space and weight.


2. A hairdryer


And hair straighteners, curling irons and any other cumbersome electric styling gadget. Leave them all behind.

First of all, there is one already at your holiday boutique hotel in Pollensa, and your devices may not work here, due to different plugs, voltages etc. Besides, a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa is about looking stylish with insouciance. It may take you a little courage, but the results are well worth it. You will look more natural, sun kissed and lovely. It is all the fashion, free locks and summer skirts make you feel and look like the boho-chic beach girl you know you are at heart.


3.  Beach Towels


Towels take up an immense amount of space in your suitcase and you really don't need them. Yes, your boutique hotel in Pollensa will provide you with bath and shower towels, and for the beach, pack a sarong. It is lighter, more versatile (you can wear it as a skirt, a scarf...) and infinitely trendier. If you really want to pack a towel, you can opt for a microfibre towel, which weighs next to nothing and dries super fast.


4. Clothes


Ok, yes, you may need a few items of clothing for your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa. But to dress well you will want to dress light and simply and accessorize with an easy to pack sun hat, sun glasses and pashmina for the evening. If you are planning on a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa in the peak summer season, remember it is hot, very hot. Pack the clothes you enjoy wearing and avoid taking too many quickly purchased 'holiday clothes'. No one in Pollensa will know if you have worn that top 125 times already. 

The same goes for rarely worn party dresses, shirts that need ironing and lingerie. Of course, it may happen that you are suddenly invited out to a red carpet affair or onto a luxury super yacht for the day. But generally speaking, your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa requires stylish, simple slip dresses in summer and layering in spring and autumn. If you do suddenly want to go out for a 5 star evening, why not spend a morning shopping in Palma and splash out on something beautiful in one of the many top end stores in the city capital.


5. Books


Books weigh a ton and in the 21st century there really is no need to lug your holidays reading material around in the form of hulking paper books. Either take an e-reader, kindle... or just the one book for the beach. Your Pollensa boutique hotel has a reading area with a library, full of books previous guests left behind and you are welcome to swap yours for a new one. 

Travel books. Again, download the book on walking trails in Mallorca onto your e-book and save vital space in your suitcase. If you have an amazing travel book on the island which you really want to take along, you could photocopy the relevant pages and discard them along the way. You may also find that the holiday boutique hotel in Pollensa has a fair few volumes on travel in Mallorca, food, wine, birds, restaurants and pretty much anything else you may be interested in. Remember you have free wi-fi at the boutique hotel in Pollensa and can access any information you like at any time.


6. Tea bags


Or HP sauce, salad cream, marmite... Come on! Your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa is hardly the back and beyond. Taste, explore and discover a new cuisine, local liqueurs, homemade pastries, tasty cold cuts, artisan ice cream... dip an ensaimada into your cafe con leche in the Mediterranean sunshine and you may find its even more delicious than your ol' morning cuppa tea.

If you get terribly homesick on your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa, rest assured that local delis and supermarkets have anticipated this and stock a fair selection of British products. You will be able to buy HP sauce on holiday in Pollensa after all!


7. Dangerous or banned items


We all know that there are certain items, liquids etc, which we cannot carry in our hand luggage. But there are a surprising amount of prohibited items which you may not have guessed. You cannot carry more than one cigarette lighter or tent pegs.

And liquid is liquid, so no soup, no creams... and emptying the entire contents of your favourite skin lotion into lots of tiny plastic containers won't work either. No more than a littre in liquids in total. Any more than 100ml. of essential medicine must be notified to airport authorities and sporting equipment is looked on with suspicion while martial arts equipment can be carried with ease as long as it's checked in!


8. Several pairs of shoes or handbags


You are going on holiday and your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa requires that you go to the beach, sit by the pool sipping cocktails, dine out, and perhaps do a little shopping at the market in town. You will most likely wear flip flops for the entire duration and need one light tote that fits all. Refrain from packing those killer heels you never wear, and pack a comfortable summer wedge instead. Your holiday boutique hotel in Pollensa is near a fair few pretty boutique shops and local shoes are high quality and perfectly suited to life on the island.


9. Expensive jewellery and valuable items


Leave your family heirlooms at home! You won't need them on a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa and the risk of losing them on the beach or having them stolen is just not worth the hassle and the expense, let alone the heartbreak. Instead, pack some costume jewelry and get the same look without the potential headache.

If you really want something different, perhaps invest in some Majorca pearls from Manacor. These are high quality organic handmade pearls practically impossible to distinguish from the real thing and a luxury item in their own right. 


10. Full gym kit


If you have made it to the gym once this year but are going to make a serious commitment to exercise in the near future... leave it for after the holidays and refrain from packing a full workout outfit of space taking trainers and otherwise useless lycra and sports bras. Planning to embark on a full exercise regime on your boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa is just going to leave you feeling like a failure.

Your holidays are for relaxing in the sun and enjoying all the good things in life. Besides, a week or two on a boutique hotel holiday in Pollensa is going to leave you looking bronzed and happy, and that is without doubt the most effective beauty treatment of all.