The 5 most beautiful beaches and secret coves in Mallorca

Where to find Mallorca´s MOST REMOTE BEACHES and hidden coves


The best of Mallorca's secret beaches


Mallorca is known and loved for its beaches. From vast expanses of golden sand to tiny hidden coves, the island offers paradisiacal settings by the sea, a short haul flight from home. Its immense beauty and welcoming spirit has made it hugely popular and consequently, its beaches become crowded in the summer months. 

The island is small and varied however, with large tracts of wild land, mostly privately owned and it is here, in the protected natural reserves and along the mountainous coastline where you will find the best secret beaches in Mallorca, with clear aquamarine water and not a person in sight, let alone a fellow tourist.

There are remote hidden beaches tucked into the side of the rock with fine white sand and crystal clear water, but you need to know where to look. Finding a virgin beach in Mallorca is still possible and here we will show you how.


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Mallorca's secret beaches : A guide


Discover the most beautiful, secret beaches on the island!