Beaches near Port de Pollensa Hotel

The most breathtakingly beautiful beaches and coves near your Port de Pollensa boutique hotel


Beaches near Port de Pollensa Hotel


From the long sandy expanses of Formentor and Playa de Muro to the tiny coves at Cala San Vicente, there is a whole coastline full of beaches around Port de Pollensa, on the north coast of Mallorca, some right on your doorstep, some walking distance from the hotel and some a trek or drive away. 

There are beaches with all the mod cons. Some ooze glamour and luxury. Not all will appear on the guide books and then again, you may not like the remote hidden coves. 

Find out where to go and how to get there from your Port de Pollensa hotel.


All the beaches near your hotel in Port de Pollensa


First of all, and worth knowing, is that Port de Pollensa is set right on the Bay of Pollensa and that this large natural bay englobes a lighthouse, pine shaded boulevard, marina, harbour, large and small sandy beaches, a windswept marshland and beautiful pebbled coves.

On the northern side of Port de Pollensa, along the Pine Walk, there are a several small, safe sandy beaches enclosed on either side by stone piers. This is the most family friendly side of Port de Pollensa, particularly apt for very young children as the water is shallow and the sand is shaded by the old pine trees.

In the middle of the bay the beaches are long sandy stretches with sun loungers, parasols, showers and life guards. Several water sports and sailing schools operate from the Yacht Club while others hire kit and offer classes on the beach itself.

Beach bars on the sand and along the front serve food and drinks throughout the day and live music at sunset, and on the southern end of Puerto Pollensa, on Llenaire beach, kite surfers paint the sky with their colourful kites.


Cala Boquer beach near Port de Pollensa hotel


Beaches near Port de Pollensa Hotel


Possibly one of the best kept secrets in the north of Mallorca, Cala Boquer is a mere 45 minutes' walk from Puerto Pollensa and a bird watching paradise of immense ornithological value, home to many autochthonous species and a stop off for migratory birds travelling between the cold north and warmer African climes.

Set  out from Siller in Port de Pollensa, on the northern side of town and cross over the Formentor peninsula to the other side. The Boquer cove is one of the most unspoilt beaches in the area, though debris from the sea does regularly wash up on the shore. Small and rocky, this is a place to enjoy nature in its wildest state and spend a day in total privacy and tranquillity.


Mal Pas, Bonaire and S'Illot beaches near the hotel


The Bay of Pollensa continues on towards Mal Pas and Bonaire, but for that you will have to take a car. You will have to go via Alcudia and carry on round the bay until you see signs for Mal Pas.

Mal Pas is actually two beaches, both sandy and big enough to throw a frisbee, but closed in on either side by rocky outlets. A favourite for pleasure boats circling the Bay of Pollensa, the Mal Pas beaches have small cafes on the beach selling ice creams and drinks.

Bonaire is more of a marina than a beach; though there is a small lick of sand and few coves where you can reach the water. However there are a few good cafes of the chill out kind and fish and seafood restaurants.

Towards the far southern side of the Bay of Pollensa, before the military base cuts off the road, you come to S' Illot, a small pebbled beach with a tiny island. This is my favourite of all the beaches in the area, though I do appreciate not everyone enjoys lying on stones. The cafe up on the cliff changes hands every few years and is currently quite upmarket and expensive, but if you are feeling flush, the views are worth it!


Alcudia Beach 


Beaches near Port de Pollensa Hotel


One of the most family friendly beaches in the north of Mallorca, Playa de Alcudia is a 3,4 km long stretch of white sand and shallow waters, with hotels and beach cafes dotted along the shore, which runs down the east coast of Mallorca from the Port of Alcudia to Playa de Muro, and boasts all the services and facilities you could dream of.  

There is a wooden walkway which runs along the back of the beach providing easy accessibility for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Parking is fairly easy here in the free parking areas and roads behind the beach.

Lifeguards on duty, an array of eateries and a children's playground on the sand make this beach in north Mallorca a favourite family holiday location.


Playa de Muro


Beyond Playa de Alcudia and between Alcudia and Can Picafort, the beach becomes increasingly virgin and uncrowded. This is Playa de Muro beach; six kilometres of Blue Flag and white sand divided into 3 sections, and possibly one of the best beaches in the whole north of Mallorca in terms of facilities, accessibility and beauty.

In the first section of the beach you can rent sun loungers, there are toilets, showers, cafes and restaurants and it is easily reached by car from the Alcudia side.

The middle section backs onto the Albufera wetlands and natural park and is slightly less busy but still has beach facilities and a few hotels and cafes line the beach.

The furthest section is hardest to reach, but it's worth the trouble however, as you find yourself in a completely unspoilt golden sandy beach with juniper bushes and no buildings at all. You can park on either end and then will have to walk.  

This is one of those rare finds : an empty and unspoilt beach in Mallorca!

Water sports of every kind; scuba diving, sailing and jet skiing... are popular and kit can be hired on the Can Picafort end. 


Formentor beaches near Port de Pollensa hotel


Formentor peninsula is the dragon's tail of the majestic Tramuntana Mountains and Mallorca's northermost slip of land. As such it enjoys fabulous sea views, crystal clear water and stunning beaches. But to get there you have to brave the hairy ride, either by bike or car, or take the daily ferry from Port de Pollensa.

The road from to Formentor is well signposted and can be seen snaking up the mountainside north of town. A 5 Km drive or cycle will get you to the lookout (mirador), and from here it winds back down to the largest beach of the peninsula, Playa Formentor, 14 Km from our Port de Pollensa hotel.

Golden sand and tree shaded, Formentor beach is luxurious and relaxed. You can hire sunbeds from the hotel for the day and sip chilled cocktails served from the bar. 

Optimal for anchoring boats, Playa de Formentor beach is an idyllic spot with miles of fine white sand lapped by a gentle sea.  

Paid parking is available by the hotel but prices are steep. Alternatively just park off the road anywhere you can find a space.


Cala Figuera and Cala Murta beaches in Formentor


There are two other beaches on the Formentor peninsula which get less publicity and I must admit, I feel sheepsh telling you about them at all!

Because those of us who live here like to keep some beaches a secret.

They are both roughly 4 km from the main Formentor beach and hotel in the direction of Cape Formentor, one on either side of the peninsula and both require you park the car off the road and walk

Cala Murta on the right of the road is an easier walk, along a well trodden path. The beach is part sandy and part pebbles, visited by wild Mallorcan goats who are becoming quite fearless at stealing picnics, but otherwise completely harmless.

The Cala Figuera parking area is adjacent to Cala Murta on the left hand side of the road and requires sure footing and good shoes. A short and steep little path takes you down to a flat rock and pebble beach with aquamarine water.


Cala San Vicente beaches near Port de Pollensa hotel


Beaches near Port de Pollensa Hotel


The beaches of Cala San Vicente or Cala Sant Vincenç, as it is written in the local Catalan dialect; Mallorquin, are midway between Pollensa and Port de Pollensa, on the northern coast of Mallorca and to get there you can go by car, bike or local bus, or walk over the mountainside from Siller in Port de Pollensa.

Four coves: The two larger sandy beaches are Cala Barques and Cala Molins, and the two smaller stony beaches are Cala Clara and Cala Carbo, which form this small holiday resort, etched into the sheer rock face of the Tramuntana and the emblematic mountain of Cavall Bernat.

Cala San Vicente beaches are still pristine and of exceptional natural beauty, a wonderful place to rent kayaks for the day and paddle round the coast exploring, and cafes and restaurants on the main two beaches provide snacks and drinks throughout the day.