5 water sports to do in Puerto Pollensa

What beach activity will you try this summer in Mallorca?

Kitesurfing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Scuba Diving and Sailing on the Bay of Pollensa

The standard holiday model may not be enough for the active traveller and though the beaches really are golden on the Bay of Pollensa and the cafes and bars can lure you in with midnight cocktails and live music and never let you go again, there are other more thrilling ways to spend your holidays here. 

For adventurous and action packed trips and watersports you can try right outside our hotel, here are our top 5:

Kite Surfing in Puerto Pollensa

5 Watersports in Puerto Pollensa

Image source: Mallorca Kite Boarding

Thermal summer winds make Mallorca a great place to have a go at kitesurfing.

The really windy side of the island (on the west coast) has no real beaches however, and the beach side (on the east coast) is so well protected by the Tramuntana Mountains that it really has no wind. There are a few spots on the island where you can kitesurf and fortunately for us, Puerto Pollensa is one of them!

If you sit on one of the sandy beaches and face south you will see the colourful kites flying, and if you drive the bay road towards Alcudia, you will pass them. It is a trendy and fun stretch of beach with a little shack on the other side of the road where you can hire boards and kites, buy surf clothes and book a lesson

Try Kitesurfing Club Mallorca or Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP both on the Puerto Pollensa to Alcudia road.

Paddle Boarding & SUP in Puerto Pollensa

5 Watersports in Port de Pollensa

Image source: Mallorca Kite Boarding

It looks easy, and I guess it may be, if you have impecable balance and inner calm, etc., which I clearly don't. It has taken me many many attempts and several falls to stand up looking anything but ridiculous and even then I am by no means stable on the board.

But, if the sea is very flat, it's an amazing feeling to move along on the surface of the water with nothing but a thin paddle to propel you along. 

Teens can probably master this in under an hour, but even people like me get it after a while. If you want to have a go, there are a few places renting kit and giving beginner classes on the bay.

Two paddle board companies to look out for are Món d'Aventura and Mallorca Kite Boarding.

Kayaking in Puerto Pollensa

5 Watersports in Puerto Pollensa

Image source: Món d'Aventura

The Bay of Pollensa is basically a large shallow bowl, lined with golden beaches in the centre and craggy points on the far edges, full of hidden wonders that you can only reach by sea.

Excursions often take you to the lighthouse and along the Formentor peninsula where the water is deepest and the underwater caves are most spectacular. If you are accustomed to this sport, then you can venture as far as the Cape.

Another option is to set off from the other side in Cala Sant Vicenç and explore the wilder and more rugged part of the island's coast.

So, where do you go for kayaking around here?

There are several Kayak companies, but the best 2 are Kayak Mallorca and Món d'Aventura, who also do rock climbing, canyoning, caving and cliff jumping.

Scuba Diving in Puerto Pollensa

5 Watersports in Puerto Pollensa

Image source: Action sport Mallorca

Your summer holidays in Port de Pollensa are a great opportunity to get your PADI underwater diving certificate, but even better still, if you have one already, this is the place to go exploring underwater.

You can hire scuba diving kit and set off solo of course, but if you want to be shown the best spots, then join a group and get the benefit of local knowledge and a boat to ferry you round the coast.

Dive deep down into the myriad of subaquatic caves and see whole schools of barracuda, bream, bass, octopus and cuttlefish.

There are several companies running excursions out of Puerto Pollensa and Cala Sant Vicenç on the far northern side of the island. 

Local Scuba diving companies in the area are: Scuba Mallorca, Actions Sport Mallorca, Tramuntana Diving.

Sailing in Puerto Pollensa

5 water sports in Puerto Pollensa

Whether you would rather sail a small rib or a catamaran, jet along on a speed boat or take it easy in a traditional fishing boat, it is all about getting off the beach and out into the water. Because when it gets seriously hot in Mallorca there is really no better place to be than at sea. 

You can hire crewed and uncrewed boats from the marina, 2 minutes from our hotel and take classes at the Yacht Club on the pier.

For two professional sailing companies in Puerto Pollensa: Multimar Alcudia (stand in Puerto Pollensa) and Sail & Surf Pollensa.

Boutique hotel stays on the north coast

Mar Calma Hotel is a good starting point for any water sports holiday on the island. It isn't on the front, but still close, one road back from the beach, in the middle of town.

And being a small and very adult hotel, it's perfect for getting into an adventurous and sporty mood.

If you're tempted to try a new water sport, we can book you in with one of the local companies or help you hire the kit.